The Naked Lemon


The El Dorado Limoncello Company was formed as an artistic effort to make a handcrafted limoncello from California fruit that rivals the best Italian limoncello products in the market today.

Our hope is that our limoncello will be recognized the best in the world and beat the Italian varieties in a international blind taste test in the same fashion as Chateau Montelena of Napa Valley beat the French wineries in 1976 (Anyone seen the movie Bottleshock?) Let’s put Californian limoncello on the map!!

In our first small scale blind taste test in Northern California, our limoncello beat the four most popular Italian limoncello imports. The key to our limoncello is that it is more fruit-flavorful and significantly less sweet than its Italian counterparts.

We are currently looking for a way to fund the next steps - government approval of our recipe and scaling of production. Stay tuned!


Our label was designed in the style of the California fruit labels found on many farm crates from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.

The Limoncello Project